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The Musicians' Union is changing.

Coming out of the pandemic and post-Brexit, the Union is more relevant to musicians than ever.

We are at a crucial moment in the history of British music. We have a unique opportunity to move the MU forward and, at the same time, change how the music industry works for musicians.

I am the 21st century General Secretary that the MU needs now.

We must get all musicians back to work, including our freelance members, and build back our agreements and pay as our first priority. 

We must lead on tackling Brexit-related issues, establish bilateral agreements with key EU territories and be the first port of call for international touring guidance.

We must secure a better deal on music streaming, not just for today but one which evolves for the future.

We must launch a new music education campaign because all children deserve to learn music and our teaching members deserve proper pay and conditions.


We must move arts funding back up the lobbying agenda post-pandemic. This is no longer about short-term support and hardship funds, but a secure long-term future for the UK’s creative industries and our members.

Under my leadership, the MU will be:

United - a strong member-led union representative of all musicians across the UK who will be proud to belong. I will ensure all members are able to influence union policy wherever they are based and however they make music. I will promote collectivism and show members that their activism really counts. 

Open - a fully accessible, accountable and democratic union which prioritises transparency and communicating with members. 

Modern - a progressive, well-informed and up to date union; fit for the music industry of today and tomorrow. I will ensure we are responsive to a rapidly changing working environment and always putting members first. 


I am the candidate with the experience, reputation, track record & relationships needed to deliver a Musicians’ Union which not only keeps pace with the evolution of our industry, but which leads and defines it. We need to get out ahead of technological change.

"My commitment to members is that we will build a Union you can be proud of and that will secure a better future for you and your colleagues."

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