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Support from Daniel Meyer, BBC Symphony Orchestra Steward

One of the early supporters in my campaign to be the next MU General Secretary was Daniel Meyer, long-standing Steward at the BBC Symphony Orchestra and Chair of the MU's BBC Orchestras Committee. Daniel is a thoughtful and committed MU activist and we've talked about how to take the Union forward and improve its culture.

As MU General Secretary, I would build relationships at a senior level within the BBC which is, after all, the biggest employer and engager of musicians in the UK.

In my time at the MU, I have looked after members in the BBC Symphony and Concert Orchestras directly as London Regional Organiser, been part of the negotiating team for the overall BBC Orchestras Agreement and more recently spent time dealing with issues at the BBC Philharmonic in Manchester.

I love the BBC. In my previous working life at the Writers' Guild of Great Britain, some of my early negotiating experiences in my twenties involved large round-table negotiations with the BBC and literary agents on behalf of screenwriters. The BBC is not a perfect organisation; it is sprawling with many layers of management. But it is a crucial organisation as far as I'm concerned and the Union will champion it under my leadership and build up relationships with its key decision makers. We must look after the BBC orchestras which employ so many of our members and ensure the visibility of musicians in broadcast media. We must also keep up to date with BBC policy and get out ahead of any changes in broadcasting. I will ensure we do that if I am elected.

Here are Daniel's lovely words in support of my bid to be General Secretary:

"Naomi is a great negotiator and communicator whose election to General

Secretary will further enhance the standing of the Musicians' Union. She

has a proven track record and is confident and articulate. I am convinced

that she is the right person to lead the MU in the 21st century."

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