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DJ Paulette supports me to be the next MU General Secretary

The inimitable DJ Paulette has kindly nominated me to be MU General Secretary in the Union's North of England Region.

In the past Paulette and I have discussed how to better promote the Union's services to the DJ and electronic music community and ensure we are more representative of their concerns and issues. Paulette has also helped to ensure DJs are more aware of the Union's SafeSpace service and we ran an event in June 2021, which I chaired, to discuss sexual harassment and SafeSpaces in the DJ community, live and electronic music scene.

In support of my bid to be MU General Secretary, Paulette writes:

"Personally I find Naomi Pohl to be accessible, approachable, open to and quick to action ideas. I admire her work steering the campaign for 'Safe Space’ : the vital members' service providing an anonymous reporting mechanism and a range of support for survivors of sexual misconduct. Her core values and activism sit well with my own and I have every confidence in her continuing to build on the existing strengths whilst taking the Union forward as the Musicians’ Union's first female General Secretary. #TeamNaomi"

The North of England Regional Nomination Meeting will take place at 11 am on Tuesday 18 January 2022. Please pre-register and attend. More info here:

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